About us

Fornax is present on the international markets, responding to the business and technical challenges of our times. Fornax has been working on complex projects right from the start. Implementing various software and systems (primarily workflow and workforce management systems), integrating 3rd party products, systems and applications, and providing consultancy related to the products above and in other areas as well.

The great majority of our colleagues has broad professional experience of more than ten years, therefore our competency encompasses – among others – the area of technical management and specific task management, and the design, management, optimization of background, administrative and support processes, as well as their implementation. In the course of our activities we have obtained in-depth knowledge and outstanding know-how in several areas of IT. Our successful projects include but are not limited to projects aimed at processes of complaint handling, HR, number portability, technical fault detection and automated fault resolution and contract management. The scope of the projects were entire systems responsible for technical and general workforce management, and they were a part of worldwide B2B and B2C integration efforts.

We believe that the performance of the company depends on the performance of the people working within the organization. We pay special attention to our human resources, laying huge emphasis on the continuous training of our employees in order to ensure the enhancement of their professional excellence, and we constantly monitor their work with the help of our performance assessment system, enabling the highest quality of work possible. The quick information-transfer among our colleagues serves the same end, speeding up the execution of projects. Naturally, our company possesses the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

As opposed to large organizations – due to the lack of bureaucracy and rigid policies – we are able to respond quickly to changes, including the option of immediate development. Thanks to the flexible organization structure and our extensive and tight net of subcontractors, we are able to provide the professional team tailored to the requirements of any given project.

Fornax’s nearly 25 years of experience on the markets show that the highest level of satisfaction of our customers and the best quality of work can be achieved with local knowledge, local employees. Fornax’s commitment to quality results in establishing local companies, or finding local partners in order to fulfill our customers’ needs in the best way possible. Fornax d.o.o. was established in 2010 as the local subsidiary of Fornax, in order to serve the Montenegrin market.

All of the above are pure facts. Fornax, however, offers more to her clients, as we know that we and our expertise are only part of the story. We believe that no efficient work is possible without candid, honest communication and a professional attitude. This professionalism and this kind of trust is the key to our success.