Beyond a certain size all companies will inevitably face complex IT and business problems – such as complaint handling, HR processes, workforce management, contract management, service procurement processes, fault detection and correction – on the proper solutions of which the very existence of a company can depend. Our firm has encountered all of the above problems and others as well in the course of our projects, and proved her competence every time by providing an adequate IT solution to every single customer, most of whom were companies active in the logistics or telecommunications arena.

We are especially proud to have integrated the more than thousand clients of one of the world’s largest logistics companies into the central IT system of our customer, covering and implementing the order processes of the customers spread all over the globe, from the posting of the order through various stages of transportation, warehousing and customs clearance up till invoicing.

Our company provides solutions in the following areas:

  • General market areas
  • Special areas
  • Highlighted areas of expertise

General market areas


Special areas


Highlighted areas of expertise